Friday, June 18, 2010


by Elisha Cooper
Orchard Books (Scholastic Inc.)


Mandy said...

This isn't my pick for the Mock Sibert, but one thing that I did really appreciate about Farm was that the glossary was in the front of the book.

I don't know that I've ever seen a glossary appear before the main content in an informational book, but it makes perfect sense. Readers might like to know the meanings of new words before they are encountered in the text. Brilliant!

Jennifer Hartshorn said...

I really fell in love with this book. The glossary in front was a big plus, introducing words that children may not be familiar with is a great idea. The illustration are wonderful and I like the way he introduced each part of the farm with the matching illustrations, a great way to help a child follow the text and also show parts of the farm. I got a really good sense of day to day and season to season life on the farm. Cooper gives a basic introduction to farm life, keeps it simple and provides a point of reference which will help children move towards more complex titles about farms.