Monday, July 20, 2009

Under Siege!

Under Siege!: Three Children at the Civil War Battle for Vicksburg
by Andrew Warren
Melanie Kroupa Books
166 pages

Period photographs, engravings, and maps extend this dramatic story as an award-winning author re-creates one of the most important Civil War battles through the eyes of ordinary townspeople, officers and enlisted men from both sides, and, above all, three brave children who were there.

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Kris said...

An interesting account of the siege of Vicksburg, an event I hadn't read about before (if I read about it in school, I've forgotten!) I found it engaging most of the time, it did get a little dry once in a while. I often wished there was more about the actual children being discussed, but the background information was really necessary to completely understand the story.

It was disappointing to find that the three children pictured on the cover are actually only two of the children mentioned in the book. The author mentions at the very end of the book that no known photo exists of Willie Lord, and that the two boys that appear on the cover are actually both Frederick Grant.

This would be a great setting for a work of historical fiction!