Monday, March 30, 2009

Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies and Moths
by Nic Bishop
Scholastic Nonfiction
48 pages


Durable Goods said...

Nic Bishop's photography is wonderful, but I did have a couple minor problems with this book.

The first is the secondary font-size of "Moths" on the cover. Especially given the text statement that there are many more species of moths than butterflies, why the second-billing? A poor editorial choice.

Secondly, the use of the term 'pupa' in lieu of 'chrysalis' seemed unusual, especially without explanation. The word 'cocoon' was used in the text, but, bizarrely, no photographs of a cocoon were included. These basic words related to the metamorphoses of butterflies and moths were unclear, which is unfortunate, given the beautiful photos.

Teresa said...

While the photographs were outstanding (and I appreciate the description of each, telling the magnification), I expected more within the text. When I turned the page to his author note, I double-checked to determine if I had skipped some pages or some were missing. I felt the book was incomplete.

Jen said...

Appealing to the eye but I wanted more substance.