Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome ALSC Blog Readers!

If you're visiting this site after reading Teresa's post on the Association for Library Service to Children blog - welcome! I second Teresa's comments...reading for the Mock Sibert program here at ACPL has really expanded my knowledge of (and appreciation for) great new informational books for children.

As an added bonus, reading over 40 of the best kids' non-fiction titles published in 2008 has made me a much smarter person. For instance, did you know...
  • there is a species of frog that swallows its fertilized eggs in order to protect them
  • the legendary John Henry may very well have been a (rather short) prisoner who was buried under a prison building in Virginia
  • scientists learn about the possibility of life on Mars by studying microbes here on Earth
  • George Washington Carver did NOT invent peanut butter!

Fascinating, isn't it? What librarian couldn't use a few extra bits of information floating around in his or her brain?

Take on the challenge of reading a bit more non-fiction in 2009. We'll recommend titles and provide a place for discussion here on the blog. You'll gain valuable knowledge and discover new resources to share with your patrons. It's a win-win situation (plus you'll know many more random facts this time next year).

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Kris said...

Hear! Hear! I completely agree!