Friday, July 25, 2008

Wild Tracks: A Guide to Nature's Footprints

Wild Tracks: A Guide to Nature's Footprints
by Jim Arnosky

32 pages


Kris said...

After reading this, I'm inspired to go out to the woods and look for tracks -- and maybe even sketch some, if my fingers aren't too cold! This book was interesting, and it piqued my interest in learning more about the featured animals.

Heather said...

I agree with Kris!

art4jewel said...

This book was really interesting. I loved the illustrations and the life-size drawings of the different animals' tracks. I was amazed to see the size of some of them.
This book definitely gives you motivation to go out and find some tracks in the wild!
My students would love this book, and I think it would encourage them to be more involved in their learning outside of school.

Anonymous said...

Jamie at TUFW: This book gave me a lot of knowledge about animal tracks that I had never known before. It almost makes me want to go out and look for tracks! I think children will love to look through this book and learn about some of their favorite animals.

Holly B said...

I can just imagine students' faces filled with excitement and awe as they flip through the pages of this book. The pictures and text are intriguing. They make me want to find a woods nearby and look for animals. The life-sized pullouts show you what the tracks look like in the woods, which I believe adds a whole other intriguing aspect to the book.

This would be a great book for any teacher to have in his or her library. Teachers could use it for whole class activities such as compare/contrast charts to talk about the different animals. Such a great book to incorporate nature into the classroom!

Jessica said...

I definitely agree with the captivation that this book gave me. I too want to go find a woods and hunt down some tracks, especially in the snow that has appeared over the past few days. I think this book is a great opportunity for students to see how big animals feet are compared to their own. I would also love to photography some of these found tracks for use in the classroom!

How fun would it be for a 1st or 2nd grade class to trace their own feet and compare them to the animal tracks. I think this would be a great center to incorporate both the science of learning about the animals and math in the sense of measuring the length of each animal's tracks.

Anonymous said...

This book is so fun! What a great way to get kids excited about nature and its creatures. It would be so great to take students out to a wooded area for a field trip and let them explore and see what they find.

Teresa said...

Certainly shows how hard it is to track animals. I kept wondering, how exactly would you notice that little bit of difference from animal to animal in the snow. Maybe mud?