Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life on Earth--and Beyond: An Astrobiologist's Quest

Life on Earth--and Beyond: An Astrobiologist's Quest
by Pamela S. Turner
109 pages

Is there life beyond Earth? NASA astrobiologist Dr. Christopher McKay has searched the earth's most extreme environments in his quest to understand what factors are necessary to sustain life. Pamela S. Turner offers readers an inside look at Dr. McKay's research, explaining his findings and his hopes for future exploration both on Earth and beyond. Behind-the-scenes photos capture Dr. McKay, his expeditions, and the amazing microbes that survive against all odds.


Kris said...

Fascinating! The information about extreme environments on Earth and their similarities to Mars was very interesting, as were the photos. I also liked the variety of resources provided at the end of the book.

Teresa said...

Loved it! Accessible and interesting with lots of resources and incedible images. I appreciate the author sharing how she came to the topic of astrobiology.