Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lady Liberty: A Biography

Lady Liberty: A Biography
by Doreen Rappaport

Candlewick Press



Teresa said...

An excellent compilation of people to tell Lady Liberty's story. This book could have easily been too disjointed, but it was superbly done.

Brittany H said...

This book is practically overflowing with information about the Statue of Liberty and how it came into being. Yet, the text isn’t overpowering and the pictures are engaging. I would not recommend this book as engaging pleasure reading for resistant readers, nor do I believe it would become one of those books students beg to have read again and again. That being said, it is certainly worthwhile to read one, most likely as part of a patriotism unit in an upper elementary school classroom.

Megan S. TUFW said...

Woah. This book is filled with interesting information, but not overwhelmingly so. I really like that it kept things fairly simple and I enjoyed the pictures, great angles.